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  • Developing hardware products for apple is a ridiculous process. Before any Apple device will talk to you, it wants verification codes from an Apple proprietary IC. The verification chip and the Apple device have a little conversation through your processor and if the device is happy, then it'll talk to you.
    Developing with the chip isn't that bad. Getting the chip is a real pain, at least it was for the company I was working for. So i guess seeing one of these for iTouch, iPhone, or iPad depends on how masochistic Sparkfun is feeling...

  • when you need an embedded systems/EE guy, you know where to find me...

  • seriously, still waiting (expecting, hoping) for an engineering opening

  • why is it exactly that you want us to pay double the cost of the module by itself to also get the pcb and some soldering?

  • too bad it's not an engineering offer... i'm still game for that, by the way ;-)

  • Incredible. The whole place (but engineering especially) seems to have grown since I was there in January. Of all the EE companies to work for, SFE is still the top of my list
    On a side note, I think you forgot some key players: the office dogs!

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