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  • I am a little disapointed in this product because the manufacture was not clear on the End Of Message (EOM) flag. I understood it to say that at the end of every recording, it sets an EOM flag, that way you wouldn't have to know the end address for multiple messages and you wouldn't have to wait 2 seconds after your sample plays for the chip to get to the end address. Unfortunately, only one EOM flag is written and it is done at the end of the last recording you make.
    I bought this board, along with the only mic breakout BOB-08669 board that sparkfun offers, and a speaker.
    I couldn't hook the mic up because the board requires a mic + and a mic -. The mic breakout board only comes with an AUD pin. Grounding the mic- doesn't work ,no sound is recorded. I had to run it in analog in mod(FT pin), and leave mic- floating to get any sound at all out of it. I'm still not happy with the quality, but I don't know if its the speaker or the mic! I also had to disconnect the speaker when recording this way because the speaker would feedback into the mic.

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