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  • HEADS UP! This board is SERIOUSLY underrated here. And here’s the reason why: SparkFun ships these boards with the fuses set all wrong. The internal clock divider is enabled so out of the box the Atmega328P on this controller is running at only 1MHz where as it should be running at 8MHz. Actually none of the fuses were set right out of the box. Correct fuse settings for this controller are as follows: hFuse:D9 lFuse:E2 eFuse:04. You can use your Arduino Decimilia, FTDI-breakout board, or any AVR compatible programmer to set the fuses. Google for AVRdude and AVRdude GUI (and if you’re using your Arduino/FTDI-breakout you’ll also need the FTDI bitbang patch for AVRdude.

    Please note that the fuses recommended on the OpenServo Step-by-step-guide are meant for Atmega168 so they’re wrong as well! After setting those fuses right this controller is everything it’s supposed to be.

    To those who cannot get the servo moving please note that you need to set the PID values first as they’re set to zero by default. Also you need to set the PWM_ENABLE byte as well.

    @FreeGroup: So, no, this isn’t ready to use as is but it’s an easy fix. I installed my controllers to two PowerHD 1204 HPs in an octocopter camera stabilizer and haven’t had any problems once I found the correct PIDs.

    @SparkFun: No wonder you’re not selling too many of these as the support is really poor and you’re shipping them with wrong fuse settings out of the box!


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