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  • MicroRAX needs to acknowledge the fact that there product is makerbeam .. Which is an opensource hardware design funded through kickstarter.
    Really tics me off that they so obviously stole the design and did not even mention the source.

  • What sort of quad rotor ?? one of the "jump jets" 100 grams total ??
    APC props are flying knives ..
    I DARE you to put your hand in the prop arc of my 24 inch ( motor to motor ) quad at even hover rpm .. Which was similar in size to the ones you saw at the contest
    You have no idea what you are talking about. Seriously man.

  • I dont think any home wifi runs on 900 /1800 .. 2.4 or 5 ghz is what you would want for your home router.

  • So whats the deal with the stock on these .. It feels like i have been waiting forever ..
    Did I miss the back in stock email ??

  • If they do open a NY branch ( perhaps in NYC )
    My wallet would appreciate if they did NOT include a retail location. Lunch hour visits would leave it empty.

  • you must have some VERY fast wipers ..

  • Is there a reason the connector for aref through pwm 8 ( the 8 pin connector closest to the usb connector is not on the same pitch / hole layout as the rest of the board ??
    I went to use a grid board from radio shack as a home made 'shield' and notice that the holes line up for EVERYTHING but that one connector ..
    I just noticed its the same way for my 2009 ..
    Perhaps to prevent someone from plugging in a shield the wrong way.

  • Yea .. Looking closer at the diagrams in the data sheets , it looks like there is a place to cut every 2 leds .
    It also looks like the have 12 strips on one output. A look at the code makes says the number of leds is just how many times you send to the strip before you "write" it.
    I also noticed the 30/32 .. My first thoughts were that the data sheet was about the "raw" strip , and they lost 2 in adding the connectors.

  • Ahh .. another item that should be thrown in with resistor orders .. Like over $10 in resistors or something.
    I think I could use an extra one of these once in a while , if only to replace a torn or faded one.

  • Can the strip be cut ??
    And can the cut off section be used the same way ??

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