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  • It's not what you're thinking of. It uses a bicycle pump, not fuel. Zero combustion, perfect for schools. Take a look.

  • you’re paying SparkFun $20 to solder it

    No, you're paying for them to make tutorials, source schematics & datasheets, make a product video, make eagle files, and host all that good stuff on their site.

    Do you expect an itemized receipt that includes the cost of making the "Leave a comment" form?

  • If you jump L/R it'll be mono- but maybe you're asking about some higher level BT spec.

  • At 1:20 there is a fun question/interaction between Representative Marino and myself.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but if this comes up again:

    Mr. Marino, in an ideal world, protection and compensation for something like a teleporter would be trivial. I am not a philosopher nor an idealist- I am a businessman. I can't pay my employees with concepts like "fair" and "just", and neither can a company that makes teleporters. What the market will decide is that this product (Hold up the foreign Fio) in my right hand will outsell the original because it is cheaper and has improvements- regardless of whether or not that fact is fair. Short of marching into every manufacturing shop that can make one of these, there is no way to enforce ideal protections on a global market.

    Pragmatically, I and my generation of CEOs have chosen to innovate. Because I'm a innovator, not a global policeman, I made the product in my left hand- quicker and cheaper than any legal action I could take against a foreign manufacturer. It's not a piece of paper that keeps customers returning to my company instead of finding parts abroad, it's the revisions I was able to make, the shipping speed I can guarantee, the real tangible benefits that my customers can feel.

    A real market will always prefer a customer's real benefit's over a government's ethical ideologies. Rather than let that fact take business away by being underbid, American companies need to use that fact to our advantage by flexibly making better products. That's always been the American way.

    Later, after he mentions "the effect this would have...*

    With respect, we are not dealing with a hypothetical here. I have physical evidence in my hand, right here, that any effect this would have on our economy is an effect we already have to deal with. Nothing decided in this room or nation will change the fact that we compete in a global market. I and these other witnesses can attest that this is a very real part of business that creates a very real, quantifiable loss of wealth. That lost wealth is as real as intellectual property protection is not. We have had to, and have, solved this problem- that's why we're profitable and Kodak is not.

  • Yes, center-positive is most common.

  • Is that full HDMI or a micro/mini/compact/whatever they call the smaller HDMI?

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