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  • I’m having problems with receiving large amount of data from the arduino mega. It basically drops it after about 5-10 seconds. Similar to what is mentioned in the article below. I went through various experiments with the setup and currently what works is the 57.6 mode with S~,1 which makes the bluetooth mate to be recognized as a modem (not sure if this was necessary at all) but what really made the difference is using a minute delay before the transfer starts: void setup() { Serial.begin(57600); delay(60000);

    Can anyone explain why is this needed?

    article mentioned: http://blogs.gnome.org/desrt/2012/04/29/arduino-remote-programming-with-the-bluetooth-mate-rn-42/

  • Is it recommended to use 6xAAA instead of 9V?
    I also found this info below, but I’m not sure since Bluetooth mate is actually connected to Rx and Tx.

  • Progress..
    After powering down the modul and re-pairing the device in windows it started working. In fact I tested almost all bps settings and all work fine until the bluetooth mate’s default bps, the arduino code, and the receiving part (or the serial monitor) are all consistent with the bps setting. It is important to use SU,9600 (SU,57.6 SU,115K etc..) instead of U,9600,N because this second is only a temporary change.
    Now the new problem is that if I’m using power from the USB (USB->arduino->3.3V->Bluetooth mate) it works fine. If I’m using a 9V battery (battery->arduino->3.3V->Bluetooth mate) a part of the data becomes chaotic.
    Really close to become wireless..

  • I’m using putty and entering $$$ returns CMD. Hit d or e (you can’t see the actual characters in the terminal) and hit enter should work. I’m trying to change the default baud rate without success. By typing SU,9600 changes it permanently and even after restart putty shows me (with the “d” command) 9600. However even after adjusting the windows FireFly bit rate parameter, uploading a code to arduino set to 9600 and finally setting the serial monitor to 9600 prints me rubish. Because of the pipeline I’m using 9600 is a must because 115200 creates huge delays. I was wondering if anyone had success with baud rate changes and arduino?

  • I’m curious if it works in small distance (3m) but not open air. I am planning to place it inside a plastic box and into a foam ball.. so there will be approx 4 inches of foam, some plastic and a hand most of the time in the zone. Will it still work?

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