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  • Hi, Can't get ahold of them...wanted to buy one. DO you have a contact you could share?

  • Hi, the datasheet is for people that does not know how I2C works! If you have a GOOD i2c periferal, you know that when you WRITE, address is shifted left and 0 is placed 2^0 and if READ then 2^1 = 1. So this would cause a huge mess if you know how i2c is implemented and do not pay attention to this detail.... So the Address for the device is not 42 or 43 IT IS 0x21. Then write or read will shift left the command bit....

    Og course, if you use libs already designed.. the work has been done already...

  • Hi,
    I am new on ARM, and looking in to this kit, it seems there is no jtag connection. So from what I read there is a UART0 default for isp, only, right?
    What about jtag for debug, anything?
    Regarding code, I see lot of C code, but which compiler is used? Does it provide debug feature in system?

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