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  • Fantastic. As a father of two daughters (7 and 4) I hope mine get as engaged.

    I also want to find out more about that CNC they built. Considering it's all scratch built it's pretty amazing!

  • I actually just made one for this reason. It just went out to the fab house so I should have it all assembled in a few weeks. Contact me if you're intersted. Specifically the SOIC8 chip in this case.

  • I think you mean this is the XBP24BZ7SIT-004, not PIT. PIT is PCB antenna. SIT is the RPSMA connector.

  • Woops - my bad - the netduino+ is actually $60 ($59.99 retail actually). Sorry!

  • A bunch of us have been pestering Secret Labs for something like this. We want "more" - faster processor, more IO pins, etc, etc, etc. They are announcing a new product (well, it's basically out of the bag now on their forums) called the "Netduino+" which is the same form factor but includes onboard ethernet and an onboard microSD reader. For $70. Pretty dang nice but some of us still want more power, more speed, more IO. Greedy little buggers that we are.

  • Also - it's really "14 dedicated digital IO and 6 analog/optional digital pins". You can have up to 20 digital pins since the analogs function as both. They just don't put out much power (2mA I believe).

  • Check out the netduino forums (http://forums.netduino.com) - there's a thread about confirmed compatible shields. I can absolutely confirm that the proto shield and screw shields work (I use them). I think someone was using/trying a wifly shield but you'd have to check the forums there. The netduino is pin compatible with the Arduino so the vast majority of shields will work. About the only problem I have is with the GPS and Cellular shields when they are switch to UART vs DLINE. Which is weird since UART should just move to pins D0/D1 (which is a UART on the netduino as well). They work fine in DLINE though.

  • Love love love this thing - and the secret labs guys are fantastic.

  • I've got 2 netduinos and they are very nice (and a great price at $35). I also have a Domino. The Netduino is a very new device so they are still working out a couple of things but there's a lot of potential there. The Fez is a pretty mature product.

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