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  • My company just bought a CHMT48VB and we're a little dissatisfied with the acceleration of the xy-axis. We have it mounted to a sturdy table and also welded X braces across all the legs but the thing still shakes like crazy. Is there any way to adjust the acceleration of the pick head? We've tried reducing the speed to 50%, which helps, but the start-stops of the axis are still fairly violent.

  • Hello, I'm trying to use the ConvertToCharm.ulp and I'm getting a few errors. I've copied the Feeder List google doc to my own account and changed the link in the ULP(also made it view able to anyone with the link) but the program causes Eagle to hang and eventually fail to update. I noticed that you mention a python script to read the google doc but the link appears to be broken(https://github.com/sparkfunX/Desktop-PickAndPlace-CHMT36VA/blob/master/Eagle-Conversion/updateFeederData.py). Also, is this python script supposed to be placed into the same folder as the ULP?


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