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  • Another idea to try is to install the FTDI drivers from above, plug in your RFID board and sensor, install and start Arduino programming software, go to Tools>SerialPort>/dev/cu.usbserial… and then go to Tools> Serial Monitor. The code of the scanned card should appear in the window (9800 baud rate)

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  • To answer a few of the questions:
    1) I later installed a trapdoor on the opening atop the fridge to keep the cold air inside. It’s just not pictured in this video.
    2) Surprisingly the sodas aren’t too shaken up by the wild ride to the sofa. Just to make sure, I opened one outside, but it was ready to enjoy!
    3) I have tried various types of cans and bottles. 3 sizes of cans and small 8 oz bottles all work with similar trajectories, but different speeds. 12 oz cans work best.
    4) The video that engadget posted last week with the iPhone controlled beer cannon is very cool as well! I especially like the ability to choose from multiple types of drinks!
    Thank you everyone for your feedback, and happy building!

  • I have the segment LED and shift register connected as shown in the tutorial (linked above in the product description) and can get all of the lights to light up at any given time. I am having difficulty getting the correct lights to light up as I send commands to the shift register. I upload the same code to the Arduino time and time again, but different combinations of LEDs are lighting up. Any thoughts or insight on my dilemma?

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