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  • https://groupgets.com/campaigns/49-flir-lepton-thermal-imager-batch-4-and-breakout-board-add-on

    A kickstarter type group buying campaign to buy these boards, you might want to consider since sparkfun is out of stock. I'd actually rather buy from sparkfun or adafruit but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • As a chromosonally diverse member of society who was descriminated and harrassed by a female boss who had decided to get rid of men in any positions of power, and especially older men or men with chronic illinesses, I can tell you it can be nearly impossible to prove . Even when a dozen people know whats going on, and you have multiple witnesses the attacker can always come up with reasons to deflect punishment in all but the most agreggious cases if they are smart and even a little careful. Its even more difficult in a situation where the very senior people in my organization owed their jobs to the bosses spouse. More often than not where there is smoke, there is fire.

  • Driver doesn't want to install.

    1. If you run install_*.exe it gets a "could not open pipe for writing: error code 2".

    2. If you try to install via the .inf, "The inf file you selected does not support this method on installation"

    3. Windows usb Plug_'n_Pray doesn't find a driver.

    I tried both the x64 and x86 links and both install files in each.

    Win 7 pro x64, 16 GB ram, 4.1 Ghz I7, 3 TB of SSD in raid 5 and raid 0.

    EDIT: after looking at Limor's site I found the problem. My somehow when I plugged in the USBTiny the popup got squashed. The Inf won't install from anywhere other than the device manager or the USB Plug-N-Pray wizard with this package, although some documentation implies there is a differently packaged version of the drivers that will. If you have the same problem you can use the device manager tool in Control Panel to manually install the driver on the unrecognized device.



  • Dave thought he had seen everything after he became a furry, then he met Robert!

  • North America and south America are continents, "the Americas" refers to the entire hemisphere, America is the short name for The United States of America, just like the Federal Republic of Brazil is just called Brazil.

  • Too busy playing skyrim, drinking monster energy drink to have much of an attention......

  • Even for us U.S. peoples who work in computer rooms and other areas with lots of 240Volt stuff.

  • how about a Phoenix/Temper/Handler AZ area maker faire? but not between may and October :-)

  • You really want to hear a Kardashian taking a hit on the bow from a Klingon and leaking plasma....wait that's almost word for word why she broke up with her last boyfriend.

  • Nice job! Maybe we can see a pair of "El' Pants"?

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