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Like building all kinds of things. Program is several languages but like GCBASIC for PICs and Spin for Propellers best right now.

  • The CMUCam could be a targeting computer. Now you can make a dandelion getter like a roomba. I have wanted a garden weeding robot for years but the vision was always the hard part. Real cool device.

  • I too was looking for the P1-EB. 4d systems is out of stock too. 4d systems online do have the connectors and sell them in pairs. Mine are in the mail and I am waiting.
    I could not find an equivalent from digikey,mouser ? anybody have better luck finding equivalents for the connector??

  • Data could be compressed by making it event based.<br />
    <br />
    Have the Microcontroller record the data into a ring buffer. This would allow you to “notice ” the event and save some of the data leading up to the event. The microcontroller would continue to record during the event and a designated time after the event to your permanent storage. The event should be time stamped and by knowing the sample rate, the sample time could be interpreted. The events could be analyzed and stored according to length of time and magnitude in a DB then which allows events to be searched. <br />
    <br />
    I use DL4YHF’s SPECLAB Audio Spectrum Analyser for event grabbing for meteor sounds. When a user settable strength is reached it records the sound before, during and after the event.

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