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  • got one of these and i like it though i mainly use it for fun simple projects that are pretty much meaningless.
    if your looking for power you shouldnt buy this board because u can get the micro2440 arm9 processor board for $85 which is way more powerful. or u can buy a nintendo DS (no joke) and u get a 66MHz ARM9 + 33MHz ARM7 + 4MB ram + 2D/3D graphics hardware rendering w/ ~0.75MB of VRAM (which you can reuse as RAM if you need it all for gfx) two 256x192 LCDs (one has a touchscreen), WiFi, and microSD card storage all for about $135. there is also a lot of sites that have tutorials on how to hack the DS to run linux and such. of course some of these projects require a more thorough knowledge of code.
    looks to me as if this whole long debate is the standard “assembly or C” argument. for most applications C (or this board) is better since its easier. Of course if you want to build your own satellite (yes you can do this nowadays for about $5000), then this board will not cut it.

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