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  • Take a Look at My blog... I built one of these 2 or 3 years ago and have some good links. blog.thebestjohn.com

  • Is there anything similar to this that can put out 350ma per channel?

  • I've got one of these and i can say it works well however it is very finicky when it comes to background noise. The software for it does not allow for making speaker independent commands so that is something that you should keep in mind... it does however come with speaker dependant software so if you're the only one using it it's no big deal.

  • Yes actually... that is exactly what I am considering... the animal being me...

  • Actually no. BioGlass is not needed. As many others have said glass is inert and if sterilized properly it should not be rejected. Your best bet is to go to a piercing place to get this implanted as it is very similar to a sub-dermal piercing. Implanting one of these should go nowhere near the muscle as it is supposed to be just under the skin... the risk of implanting a non coated tag is that the chip may "walk" meaning it may move to another place in your hand as it settles. From what I've read chances of this are slim... personally I'd much rather have an uncoated chip rather than one that would need to take a chunk of me with it when it gets removed... can any SparkFun staff advise for certain if this is in fact cleared for implantation into animals?

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