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  • This seems too good to be true. It would effectively reduce my phone bill from $80 a month to $13 a month. Is this allowed? Could I just stick this in a phone and use data based voice/text (Hangouts)?

  • Mine is mostly accurate but when it gets near other electronics, the reading can sometimes be off. Most likely there is a disturbance field nearby causing the compass to give somewhat inaccurate readings.

    Depending on how you are using it, checks can be added in the software to at the very least notice if the reading seems to be jumping around.

  • can this be read by an analog pin?

  • How well does this work with the Energy Harvester?

    From what I've read so far it requires a minimum voltage input of ~5v? Does this solar cell maintain a stable 4.5v potential with varying current?

  • More information on this would be appreciated. It is a very good price if it does the simple task of getting the xy plane orientation or offset from a point of reference.

  • Any idea when this will be available again?

  • So.. can this be used like a compass? ie a xy plane point of reference for orientation.

  • I was also about to get this product but noticed the ridiculous jesus crap on the bottom. Thanks commenter's.

  • would it be possible to pass the video channel pin through an arduino ethernet board and broadcast the video stream on a webserver or on a configured socket?? if so, is there any documentation outlining a procedure like this?

  • Estimated time of when these will return would be nice to have. If there's no hope of return I will just have to search elsewhere.

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