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  • hello!
    I am using Ardupilot mega which uses ATmega 1280 processor.
    on the webpage for ardupilot mega, it recommends a 3v3 FTDI basic or a 5v power, 3v3 for communication FTDI USB cable.
    My questionis, does ATmega use 3v3 logic or 5V logic?

  • Thanks Tim.
    It seems that if I use this 3v3 product, it would only supply 3v3 power to my ardupilot board.
    It works fine with my board right now.
    I guess my question is,will other digital peripheral devices works fine with a 3.3v logic? if my ardupilot board output a logic HIGH, will it be recognized as a logic HIGH by other 5V logic devices?
    Could you explain to me why its using 3.3v for RX and TX instead of 5V?
    Thank you very much!

  • Why we need a 3.3 FTDI anyway?
    isn't this board run on 5 volts?
    I bought the 3.3v FDTI basic, if I modify the voltage output and TX and RX to 5V, will it still work with this board?
    Thank you!

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