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  • Thanks!

  • Err..does this absolutely need an external antenna?

  • Captain America: The Solder Soldier

  • Anyone know if this supports an mjpeg stream directly or if its yuv only? That is, can I use it with mjpg-streamer without the - y flag?

  • Just in time, Mr. Anderson..

  • Can anyone confirm that applying Vm before Vcc actually fries this thing?

  • Well it depends. Do you mean using this crystal with a 328 with the arduino boot loader on it or just a raw 328? If its the former, you'll need to tweak some settings but it can be done. A Google search for running Arduino on a 16Mhz crystal should give you the info you need.So long as the chip is configured properly for that clock frequency, it should run without a noticeable drop in speed. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. If its the latter, sure, the chip will run "slowly" (depends on what you're comparing it against though), but 16Mhz is a good frequency for a great many number of things. Depends on your specific use case.

  • The Hottie and the Nottie..

  • Hey...
    Does anyone know whether these babies are shipped with 4.2-capable firmware? Since the NETMF 4.2 SDK is out and all...

  • This is quite a bit of hardware...I've definitely gotta do something with this!
    Er, guys, can someone please explain about this trigger word thingy? When you send the "CMD RECOG _SI" for instance, say for wordset three with the numbers over its UART, do you have to say the trigger word first then the appropriate SI command (e.g "eight") or right after sending the "CMD _RECOG SI", you just say "Eight" because I don't get it..
    And, say you're sending the command for SI detection for wordset one...the result it returns is an index from 0 to 31. How does that work? Similarly, when you specify a group for the SD commands, it returns the same 0-31 index. How does that work??!

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