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  • So, let's see now... Say I put this thing up on my roof somewhere. (Funny, it looks sorta like a lightning rod) Then I connect the little wire from the wind direction thingy to an analog input on my MPU chip.
    So then I suppose I better plan to replace that chip every time there's a thunder storm anywhere in the county. Guess I better buy in bulk. :)
    I'm sorry guys, but this is a really lame design. It's just a total non starter.
    Okay, so tell me more about this reed switch and resistor assembly. Can I easily hack the resistors out of it and just run more wire, or is the whole mess potted or something like that? If I can just hook up the reed switches directly to some nice robust blob of MOVs, gas tubes, and optoisoloators this all stands some chance of being workable. Otherwise it's just a rig for letting the magic smoke out.

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