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  • These are NOT "break-away headers". They're a 1x40 female header that's brittle enough you can snap it in pieces. You will lose at least one pin on every break, the edges will look like hell, and if you're unlucky you'll also lose the last pin you wanted to keep... giving you a useless 1-pin-too-few header.
    I had some luck melting the edges smooth with an old soldering iron, but the results were shoddy at best. A saw or dremel works a little better, but you're not going to just get clean snaps.
    SF - please sell 1x4, 1x5, 1x6, 1x8 and other common sizes. Put them in a grab bag if they can't be sold individually, or 10-packs, or any other combination. We know you carry them because your Arduino "shield" kits all have them and they look and work a good bit better than these.

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