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  • ah. no, as far as i know the RTC would just give it the ability to keep time when off. you can do a real time OS without that, and it does look like there are RT kernels for the pi.

  • there's nothing about this that makes the pi any more suitable to linuxcnc than it is normally.

    it looks like machinekit is available for the pi, but i'd suggest use of the beagleboard instead, what with its programmable realtime units.

  • are they Z87.1?

  • there are plenty of places nearby where folks could organize a separate quadcopter/heli race, and have the crowds kept at a safer distance.

  • maybe you guys could get together with a few other similarly sized, like-minded companies, and fund the development of an open source quickbooks replacement? i have a feeling that it is a problem which hits a lot of companies in your size range. (and it'd be great if the problem would get solved before my company hits your size.)

  • 362 grams on my kitchen scale.

  • that adhesive is a gigantic pain to work with. it is paper thin, and likes to go flying. i suggest a pair of tweezers, and a tiny phillips screwdriver to hold the adhesive down to the surface once you've got it held in place. expect a piece or two to end up on the floor. (hint: you won't find it again on carpet.)

  • waaah. if you think there is enough market and their profits are so excessive, then you've clearly got a wonderful opportunity to go into business for yourself.

    for anyone else: you're looking at $30 to buy just one of the chip, and probably $30 to get your hands on at least one board. can you layout the board, do the ordering, and assembly in less than an hour? if so, you're sufficiently skilled that your time is worth more than $10/hour.

  • you probably want something more like this: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8449

  • It didn't turn out to be appropriate for my purposes, so I didn't end up making a mechanical framework for it. I tossed it in the misc sensors box and went on to the next plan. Anybody trying to use it should almost certainly follow Ben121's advice and get a second one for temperature compensation, and feed all that into a nice differential/instrumentation amplifier.

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