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  • Sorry for my bad english.
    and sorry send this question here, I really had looking for my solution, but at the time, nothing simple to use! Its very hard for me, to look all comments and understand, because my english is very bad.
    I have bought that 9dof razor imu on other site, because here is out of stock, and now, i will say my problem.
    I have to use this board with my seeeduino v2.12 (atmega 168) to stabilise a camera in hard condition ( i will try, that is a work of my university).
    I had sucess using FTDI to interface in Python GUI, and in Serial.print to see value of x (accel),y (accel) an z (gauss) using the code of Jordi Munoz.
    How can realy read pitch, yaw and roll, to use that values to controll Servos on my Arduino? with RX and TX, I just can see that values, i can not use this values to control any Pins of Arduino. Please, help-me... i know how this tipe of message is inconvenient.

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