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  • I had a few problems with this shield last night. My first time to get it working. The pass thru sketch would not work. I removed all of the comments section and away it went. Not sure why.
    I now have the Hyper terminal talking to the shield. But I can’t get any response with AT commands.
    I do not get any OK’s back at all.
    I have been able to get the Arduino to read the status messages it sends out, like GPRS registered, GPRS ready via the +SEND codes 4, 11 ,3 etc.
    I have tried all the sample codes on all the forums but the Arduino will not send and SMS.
    Will have another go tonight.

  • Hi Mattme
    I have just purchased one of these shields. I have it working ok but I can’t get the Arduino to send an SMS from it. I can call it, send it messages and can read the status information it sends out, but no joy with the Duino.
    Have you had any luck.
    regards Greg

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