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  • I am experiencing the same problems as "dafoink". Values are spiking after a few hours of continuous use and are going down again after power cycle (reset via the reset line does not help). Even after upgrading to app version 2.0.0 it is happening. To me it looks like the firmware is not stable. A second, different unit, does not show that behaviour yet, but I will see.

  • I extended the baseline example from the Sparkfun library to show the "APP firmware" of the sensor. All my 3 different CCS811 sensors, bought from different providers, had the "APP firmware" version 1.1.0 loaded. AMS in the meantime offers "Application firmware 2.0.0". So I extended the example even more to allow an "application firmware update" to that sensor. It is working only on a ESP32 and probably on a ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE because it needs the SPIFFS for the firmware file to be stored in. You can find the sketch in: https://github.com/RalfJL/CCS811FirmwareUpdate After the update the sensor is behaving pretty different than with firmware 1.1.0. My impression is that it is less volatile and does not report "gigantic" values as it did with version 1.1.0. My next step will be to have 2 sensors close by to see if the values match, or are close to each other. @Sparkfun: please feel free to add the upgrade code to your library. It is very close to what is described in AN0000370

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