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Ex Military RADAR Engineer, now Electronics and Software designer for Lok8u, GPS/GSM micro tracking systems, Inventor of the EMGP virtual ground plane and general all around geek.


Senior Engineer, Co-Inventor


Lok8u Ltd

Spoken Languages

English, German

Programming Languages

C#/C++, Pascal/Delphi, ASP, Java, Structured Query Language, BASIC/VB, Fortran, Clipper/Paradox, ASM 6502 x86 Z80 PIC AVR ARM


GSM, GPS, HF Antenna design, M2M, UAV, RC Aircraft


RC Aircraft fixed and rotary, Cars, Electronics, Mathematics, Physics


  • All M2M modems “should” work on all networks, the module itself is not bound by any network tie-ins like a regular mobile phone can be. Telit are a fairly large concern and will probably have all the required FCC, PTCRB, etc. but remember, if you take this OEM module and make a new product with it, and then sell it, you will need to get new FCC, SARS, EMC, PTCRB etc testing done otherwise your device will be illegal, OHH THE JOY of mobile comms :)

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