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  • Thanks for the comment! I think the real-world stuff comes after they say "Really.. Tell me more..". I too love my products. I LOVE them. Can I please have an hour of your time to talk about the brilliance of our modular code design on a SAAS platform to deliver multi-channel messages? We have an API with over 700 unique ways of using our service! It's awesome! We wrote our own scripting language!Check out these awesome demos! (etc..) If I did that you'd be reapeatedly beating on the 'open door' button of the elevator. Most people can't handle that much passion and lack the time/focus to digest it all. However; once you hook them that you've got a good idea, they'll start asking you questions and that's when you hook 'em.
    As an anecdotal data point... I don't come to sparkfun EVERY DAY just to buy parts. I cruise the forum, read the blog and the comments and try to tap into the community. You also seem like fun people and obviously do fun stuff. Sparkfun is not just a source of parts (there are a lot of those), it's the feeling that if I show up on AVC or Antimov or a tour, I'm among friends. THAT'S powerful man.

  • LOL, for sure man, I didn't expect to out-do the CEO.. but you're already in the choir. The elevator pitch is for those who don't know a trim pot from a mosfet. If they do, then you don't need an elevator pitch because you're booking lunch and having beers after work talking about killer robots and stuff.
    If you think the Sparkfun market of the future is mostly guys like you, I (totally respectfully) disagree.. I think it's guys more like me or others who are less sophisticated and skilled than you. (YMMV, I don't really know myself, just my opinion etc.)

  • Here's the structure of an elevator pitch:
    Define the Market
    Define the Problem
    How you solve it
    Where the money is
    Here's your elevator pitch Nate
    "There is an increasingly popular movement for individuals and small businesses to create their own technology products and bypass the major industrial players, it's the long tail of the tech revolution.
    The problem has been that access to information and materials has traditionally been difficult for those not already involved in the industry which has led to inefficient distribution of products through the channel and limited it to a few power players and niche hobbyists.
    What we've done is provide a means of access to materials and information and built a community around our brand which encourages and develops this market of individuals and small groups, which only becomes richer and more successful as the market grows because they help each other.
    Because of this approach our business can grow exponentionally as this market grows and new members of our community are added. It's not about the things we sell, which are great, it's about how and why we service our community that makes us great and an irreplaceable part of the market we serve.

  • You know what would be awesome? If someone bought him, slapped in an Arduino, some wheels and a motor and entered him into the AVC in April.

  • stilldavid:

    Hey, I have a gravatar! It's easy, so you should too!
    I wonder if we'd get any bonus sparkfun credits if we made the flame our Gravatar image.... Hmmm.. is marketing reading this? :)

  • I still want to take the quiz. I want to prove I have street cred! Maybe instead of free stuff you could give us a little 'brain' badge on our profile if we get 100% (or a 'brain on fire badge'!)
    But even if it's just for fun, I want to take the quiz.

  • All this and no mention that the rocket was towed to launch position by a home made submarine?
    Didn't know it got scrubbed until next year. :( Space is a cruel mistress.

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