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  • Followup - this modification worked well for me. I cut the trace near the Arduino D7 pin. For the jumper wire, I tacked a wire from pin 9 on the level-shifter over to the momentary reset button. Seems to work fine so far. As others pointed out -- always use an external power supply so you will have a good Vin. Don't try using just the USB for power.

  • Greetings,

    I haven't received my board yet, but based on the photos, it looks like there is a simple trace on the Sparkfun PCB that connects arduino D7 to the 5 volt to 3.3 volt level-shifter chip. I plan to carefully cut that trace near the arduino D7 pin, and then jumper the arduino RESET to the level-shifter side of the cut trace. This seems safer -- I don't like the idea of RESET and D7 being shorted together... bill

  • Nice breakout board! We needed to run with a 5-volt Arduino system so we added a connector for 5-volt 'FTDI' cable and level-shifter for serial I/O. If there is any interest, you can see the modified schematic here
    Bill Welch

  • If I recall correctly, pin 33 is roughly the invert of pin 34, based on some quick observations with the o'scope. Give it a try.

  • With a simple mod, this module facilitates uploading Arduino sketches via Bluetooth!
    There are two signals that you may want to consider bringing out to pads or possibly jumper options -- pin 33 (remote DTR), and pin 34 (remote RTS). I also set the module into the "MDM" mode with the "S~,3" command.
    I strongly suspect that many if not most of your Roving bluetooth products have the same potential.
    thank you, Bill Welch, bvwelch 2-April-2011

  • Thank you all! Bill Welch

  • Good point -- I have orders going back to at least #9512 on Nov 10, 2005, maybe further back than that but I'd have to dig thru some backups to find proof. Thank you, Bill Welch

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