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  • So are you dumping all the extra boards on to boats that will then be set on fire on the pond? The smell will fuel your nightmares. Isn't this just elaborate dumping of commercial waste in to a body of water? Won't this seep in to the ground water? Am I being a kill joy?

  • "Favorite web browser or Internet Explorer"
    Nice dig at IE :)

  • built the work bench as well? I hope so.

  • it's actually a very efficient UI, it just takes practice, practice, and some more practice. There is a steep learning curve.

  • Fritzing isn't really a CAD tool as it is a documentation tool. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way to generate Gerber files, for example, from Fritzing. Fritzing is good for creating some clean looking documentation, and sure, maybe some six or seven component schematics, but for even moderately complicated boards, nothing beats Eagle (besides OrCad, or Multisim, but who has fifteen grand laying around to spend on design tools?).

  • If parents are buying microcontrollers for their kids instead of video games, they're doing something right. And yeah, kids often make design choices on a whim and can't justify it. I was listening to a radio interview with a high school program that sent students to the Maker Fair. A major theme was don't plan it out, and see what happens. They're high schoolers (or in this case, jr. high schoolers), not engineers. Well done, kid.

  • Any word on what kind of LEDs they were using on the bridge? I assume it was some kind of custom setup?

  • Yeah, there is also the North Harvard St. bridge, which gets called the "cambridge bridge", which connects Harvard University in Cambridge to the campus in Allston (the stadium and business school). That's what I was thinking of when he called it the boston cambridge bridge, but the picture is clearly the Harvard Bridge.

  • Sprout website: http://thesprouts.org/
    If I had known you were in my neighborhood, I would have invited you to my cookout this weekend ;). I used to live down the street from that very same bridge, I had no idea that they were doing this. So cool.

  • This made me laugh louder than I should while at work. I imagine he meant that the self adhesive on these would make them stick to the wall.

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