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  • WOOT! Finally got one this year :D

  • Curious on this, is there any way to hook this up to say, a car antenna? I’ve always thought about making a carputer, and with the advent of the raspberry pi with a cheap display link monitor (with touch screen) to boot, it’s seeming that being able to make a carputer is more viable, but I want to be able to still have regular radio as well. I also know that most fm radio receivers don’t like working on the move.

  • I have a question on this. I’m looking at possibly using a Raspberry Pi Computer to make a double din car stereo, and was wondering if there is any way to hook up the car’s antenna to this little guy. I’d like to replace my current radio with a custom made media player so I can have video, radio, and internet all built into my car.

    It’s not really required I guess, as long as the normal antenna system works. (may just run a 3foot+ male 3.5mm jack directly into the pc’s mic/line in, and could possibly work fine, but I’d rather have the better car antenna)

    Thanks for any response.

  • I thought someone said that they had issues of frying it if it had more then 1.8v in on it. (Also, just as another comment… can you add a function that emails people when there is a reply to their comments specifically? I didn’t have a clue there was a reply to this… and you replied 5 days ago. At least a checkbox for people logged in to have it send notifications.)

  • Anyone know of something similar at similar cost that is practically plug & play with arduino? I want something like this, but I have very little experience with electronics. That’s why I use arduino. It’d be cool to get something like this work for someone like me with little experience.

  • Holy crap! Is that the cost of just one of the little suckers?

  • I know the one guy said that it works with ipad/iphone capacitive screens, but will this work with any capacitive screen? (such as a G1, or Samsung Galaxy)

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