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Probably the only female teenager you’ll ever see on Sparkfun. Ever. The only similarity to the rest of the (moronic, ignorant, naive, immature) teenage population: don’t talk to me on Mondays until I’ve had my caffeine (Dr. Pepper junkie here).

Spoken Languages

English, enough of Spanish to understand quite a lot

Programming Languages

Basics of PHP, enough of Java to understand things


I probably know most about Arduino


Embedded electronics, archery (competitive and recreational), The Beatles (best band ever), loads of useless and irrelevant knowledge

  • This looks like the best robot competition ever. Are you guys going to post youtube vids or pics?

  • Sparkfun is next to Google on my “Coolest Company” list. Seriously. And I like it even more than Google because I HATE computer programming (yes, I know Sparkfun does that too) but at least Sparkfun also has robots and Arduino. :)

  • I was going to be an archaeologist (I know, a bit ambitious for a 13 year old), but after getting in the world of electronics (I took a lot of time thinking about this decision. A whole month. :p) I think I did almost a 180 and decided that this is what I want to do. Sparkfun is probably the coolest company that’s into electronics engineering out there (with Adafruit right below it, but Sparkfun completely beats that), and has really inspired me to do more in electronics. A bit deep, I’m suppose, for a daily update though. 0_o

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for to hook up to a Ybox (I just want a neat little gadget to hook up my workshop, nothing too big). But the question is, (and I know this is going to sound noobish, because I am, and have just literally dived into the world of electronics with a lot of information and knowledge already but less than a month’s experience) would it be compatible?

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