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  • I get 23.4 g.

  • My guess is the main issue would be temperature extremes, if stuff contracted at different rates it could seize. Datasheet says okay down to -10 C. Though, meh, I bet it's fine.

  • I just took one apart - they're series. Several brass gears, metal pinion on the motor, a bunch of yellowish grease. (Best to hold the shaft downwards as you do this.)

  • I've had good luck with a pair of lock-jaw pliers. Just set the pliers for slightly larger than it will be when crimped, line everything up, and squeeze.

  • That is actually useful to me! Presumably it's for the cover. What's the geometry of the measurement setup?

  • It's so that when you are about to solder in the headers, they will stay in place due to friction, which makes it a bit easier.

  • It's standard breadboard spacing, 100 mils (1/10 inch).

  • Has anyone gotten this to work with 3.3V VCC? I'm interfacing it directly to an ATMega328 running at 3.3V, using Arduino firmware and the Wire library, and I can't talk to the accelerometer.
    I've tried everything -- all possible I2C addresses, writing 0, 16, and 8 to register 0x2d, slowing down the bus, adding delays, etc. All I ever get from the device is zeros (in fact, Wire.available() returns 0, so it's not even responding).
    At this point, I think either it won't work with 3.3 Volts, or it's dead. Since the other two sensors on the stick work, and the ADXL345 should be good down to 2.0V, well below what the regulator would drop 3.3 to, I'm tending towards the latter.

  • Mine sends a burst of data every second even without a fix. I think you can slow down or disable the update with $PSRF103, documented in one of the links above. Also make sure your baud rate is right, it defaults to 4800 (and resets to that if it loses power).

  • Make sure you don't have the internal pullups (~40k) enabled. (digitalWrite() the pin to 0 to disable)

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