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  • I just downloaded the firmware and it is NOT set to S7S. It is still set to OPENSEGMENT.

    Note for others: If you try and load an S7S with this setting wrong, you will get an AVR Dude error.

  • I don't understand what happened. I was working great. displaying numbers just fine. Now all of a sudden all I can display are letters and single digits. I used to be able to use serial.print now that only works for "v" and "xxxx". I have tried resetting it to the factory defaults. Baud is good. Anybody have this experience?


  • Well, I guess I can join the club on not being able to send this thing commands. Can someone post a definitive answer on how to get this thing to pay attention.
    Getting data and a lock I can do. Get it to listen to commands (using RealTerm) I cannot.

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