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  • Here is my $.02 on this iron.
    I have never had the honor of using a “real” iron. I have been dealing with RadioShack “fire starters” for the past 5 or 6 years doing basic hobby work and only recently got into more advanced electronic circuits. I saw this iron and figured it was worth a shot.
    Let’s just say, I love the thing. It’s heat-up time is excellent (in my opinion), at about 45 seconds, I can’t complain. The tip that comes with it is a great size for through hole components, and maybe even SMD components (haven’t tried yet). There is more than enough heat for anything I have ever needed to do. I have had excellent results with both soldering and desoldering components.
    To answer Julio2010’s question, the handle does NOT get hot at all. I have been known to leave this thing on for an hour or two in it’s holder and when I pick it up to use it, the handle is nice and cool.
    One thing to note: SparkFun does not currently stock the tips and they must be ordered from Hakko.
    Hope this helps someone!

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