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  • I know this is a really old comment, but I too am dealing with invalid pulses. Best I can determine is that it is some form of RF interference. I placed ferrite beads on the wires running from the wind and rain gauge, which helped to reduce the invalid pulses, but they are still present even when there is no wind or rain. They seem to be intermittently occurring too. Could someone please elaborate on the low pass filter idea? I tried to follow the link provided above but after 7 years, the link is dead. Any pointers would be awesome!

    Thanks! Steve

  • Could someone please tell me the dimensions of the board, once it has been separated from the second board?

  • Here is my $.02 on this iron.
    I have never had the honor of using a "real" iron. I have been dealing with RadioShack "fire starters" for the past 5 or 6 years doing basic hobby work and only recently got into more advanced electronic circuits. I saw this iron and figured it was worth a shot.
    Let's just say, I love the thing. It's heat-up time is excellent (in my opinion), at about 45 seconds, I can't complain. The tip that comes with it is a great size for through hole components, and maybe even SMD components (haven't tried yet). There is more than enough heat for anything I have ever needed to do. I have had excellent results with both soldering and desoldering components.
    To answer Julio2010's question, the handle does NOT get hot at all. I have been known to leave this thing on for an hour or two in it's holder and when I pick it up to use it, the handle is nice and cool.
    One thing to note: SparkFun does not currently stock the tips and they must be ordered from Hakko.
    Hope this helps someone!

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