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  • Hi, about 7 months ago I wrote a comment. I thought a couple of battery chargers had burned because after a few days of use, the 5v output of the booster was at zero, even though the battery voltage was at 3.7 v (in fact I had hardly used battery power). I noticed that, despite this, when you connect the charger to a USB port, the battery was still in charge as the red light was still on. After a few minutes booster output rose again to 5v and I turn on my device, the battery voltage continued to increase at a slow pace, and after 36 hours it was barely 3.95 v, far from the 4.2 v. I decided to disconnect the charger from the USB port, fearing that the battery is damaged, could someone explain how it is that the charge cycle is so slow in this case? Thanks in advance ...

  • I'm 100% with you dude, do not know how they could overlook such an important issue

  • Honestly, my experience with the PRT-10300 has not been positive. The first one I bought broke after a couple of days of use, leaving me baffled. Then I bought 2 more and same thing happened with one of them. After analyzing the circuit design came to the same conclusion that Andrew500, the pin on the TPS61200 must be grounded. Otherwise, the booster will still working even if there is load current (whenever the battery is connected and has some power). This is the reason that the batteries are discharged prematurely, or worse, the modules are damaged, as in my case. I must modify my circuit's layout to overcome this issue, increasing significatively their complexity. My experience with you has been generally good, but I feel compelled to make this constructive criticism for the sake of you and the consumers. Thanks from now.

  • \m/ BLACK METAL!!! \m/

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