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  • A few notes:

    • I didn't realize that the square portion of the post moves independently of it's round base. That square part clicks INTO it's round base when you use the center click. If you are putting a joystick on the this, don't put it over all of the squared top of the post. If you do, the center click (5th direction) will not work as the squared portion will not be able to slide into the base.

    • This is hand-wirable if you have small guage / flexible wire, thinner solder, a fine tip for your iron, a 3d printer to make a mount for it, and nerves of steal.

    • It's very easy to over click a direction (especially down) on this switch while soldering and mounting this. If you do, you'll lose the tactile click for one or more directions either immediately or after some use. If you take the time to avoid pushing down or to the side on the stick while building, the switch will stay clicky and functional for a long long time. I speak from the experience of mounting 12 of these so far.

    • All these warnings aside, this switch is the best in it's class in my opinion. Other brands I've tried in the past sometimes lost their click quickly but all of them had wobble on the stick. A little give is okay with other switches but, with microswitches, a little wobble means a huge amount of wobble after attaching a joystick.

    Buy this switch if you want a 5-way switch that is small and reliable. Just take your time connecting and mounting it and you'll be very happy with the results.

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