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  • After seeing the first post on this thread by Lion XL, I really felt compelled to respond. It is extremely unfortunate that his comment will be the first thing people will probably read when looking through this comment thread.

    I am a LabVIEW programmer for NASA and it is bar none the way to go for a wide variety of applications. We do a lot of fast turnaround work and it does the job quickly, effectively, and consistently. The learning curve can be a little intimidating at times but it is certainly worth the pain. You can even incorporate conventional 'code' into your LabVIEW programs if you are smart enough.

    As for the Arduino board, I have never used it for work but I do own one personally and they are powerful and awesome little tools. It blew me away when I saw that they were bundling these two together. It's going to give me something to try this week in the lab! -Fuz