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I’ve worked on mainframe computing systems since 1980.


I’m currently working as a software developer for Rocket Software.

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C, C++, Java, z/OS assembler


Software and software debugging.


Electronics theory & embedded electronics

  • News - December Caption Contest | about a year ago

    Herb Gilquist displays the owls he found hiding in the Christmas tree he purchased at the Walmart this year. Using various fancy electronic gizmos, Herb was able to coax them out of the tree so he could shoot, stuff and mount them for eventual display on the mantle of his yuletide fireplace as is the Gilquist family tradition.

  • News - Onyx Ashanti Lets His Gee… | about 2 years ago

    Major mad respect for this guy! As a musician and as an engineer. Very cool.

  • Product KIT-11042 | about 2 years ago

    I ordered one a couple weeks ago and the one I received appears to be v1.6, since the relay hasn’t been rotated back to the preferred position yet.

  • Product SEN-09694 | about 2 years ago

    I think it’s worth noting that this is not actually a barometric pressure sensor. It is simply a pressure sensor. It will report atmospheric pressure, which varies not only with the weather but with altitude. To convert this value to barometric pressure (which is atmospheric pressure adjusted for altitude) you must apply the formula in section 3.7 of the data sheet. If you apply that formula before you report your value, it should match up well with values reported by your local news station.

  • Product COM-09203 | about 2 years ago

    I couldn’t get this to work with the 3v Inverter, even though the inverter worked fine with a single EL wire plugged directly into it. In the end, I purchased this 3v inverter + power supply and it works just fine now.

  • News - Arduino Animatronic Hand | about 3 years ago

    Great job, Easton!! Very ingenious using the flex tubing and fish line to get the action you wanted from the digits. It’s simple but so effective. I hope you win at the fair.
    (and I hope you’re not related to anyone who works for Skynet)

  • Product RTL-09876 | about 3 years ago

    Seems the link is missing to the tutorial for safely unplugging the JST connector.

  • News - Yay! Let's Play Copycat | about 3 years ago

    except, I’m pretty sure that quote is from “Hot Shots”.

  • News - SparkFun Levels Up! | about 3 years ago

    Wishlists!! Awesome!

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