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  • I created an awesome 3 digit sign for a club and Used this keypad with the arduino library. Worked very nice. buying another one to work with a remote control unit. Picture of the sign.

  • I have soldered to the traces on plain paper but you have to be careful the traces will lift off. Also note: This does not make a good replacement for anything that oscillates. Like I created a 555 timer and had issues as the trace added resistance that normally would not be there with copper. You will have to experiment and test the resistance of the trace. Also note that if you make the trace thicker your resistance goes down.

  • I will see about digging up the code. If I cannot find it I will recreate it. I can even get it to bit bang it out if you want that instead.

    as far as the arduino environment I have been working on other projects that require it and can convert from standard to arduino sketches now.

  • All this talk about polarity markings when all you really need is a good DMM…

  • Update. I managed to get the code working. I used a tiny85 and if anyone is interested I can send them the code or post it where they wish. Works but is crude. The arduino code was bit banging it out. Not taking any advantage of the USI iterface or the spi in the case of the atmel 328p chip.


  • Does anyone know what this from the reference arduino is for?

    “for(byte color_bit = 23 ; color_bit != 255 ; color_bit–) { //Feed color bit 23 first (red data MSB)”

    color_bit <— this is not referenced anywhere. I have no idea where its defined. Its causing me compilation errors. I have nothing against arduino but I do not want to limit myself to that environment.

  • Example code is for the Adruno environment only. I need to figure out what the refrences are. like color_bit.

    Its frustrating to try to convert the code. :/

  • I wish the sample code was standard and not specific to Arduino IDE….
    Its taking me a while to figure work around.

  • Just checked Google for a image of a similar LED.
    I found this:
    Perhaps this is similar enough to use.

  • Just recieved my order of 10.
    I wanted to see if they would work for a project.
    The data sheet is not working for the pin outs and is blank for most of the first few pages. I don’t know why.
    Could the folks of Spark Fun please post the part number/manufacture so we can at least find a good data sheet. Or post the relevent information on the current consumption and ratings. The voltages you have already put.
    I have not tried these for my project just yet.
    Thanks again. :)

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