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  • This is very interesting and great work!

    I just opened an IKEA Växer 10W for plant growth. The LED board drew 160 mA and the voltage for it from the current source is 62V DC. The 8 white LEDs have 6.5V * 160 mA = 1040 mW each and the 5 red LEDs do 2.1V * 0.16A = 336 mW each. They are all in series an no visible serial resistor on the board.

    I infer from this the the white LEDs would have a serial resistor on board and and the red not? Even with 3.25V on the internal white LED the wattage just wasted would be 3.25V * 160 mA * 8 = 4160 mW. What' wrong with my reasoning here?

    From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode#Colors_and_materials I find no junction with more than 4.2V forward drop.

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