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  • I found the python library for Adafruit's AHT20 to work with this as well.

  • In my opinion the pressure needed is not too much nor too little. In other words, easy to press, but not so much that it could be pressed just when trying to rotating it.

    But I decided to try and measure it. I got a kitchen scale, and put the encoder on it (with the clear plastic knob) and zeroed out the scale. Then I slowly increased pressure on it till it clicked. Did it several times. Somewhere around 15-16 oz or 450-460 grams is when I felt the click.

  • You might want to clarify/fix the event time. The times are listed as MST and EST (but we'll be on DST by then, so they should be MDT/EDT).

    And to complicate it further, it looks like the event is scheduled as 17:00 Berlin time. Berlin will not be on DST on March 25 as far as I can tell, but (most of) the US will be. So I believe the correct times are 10:00 MDT and 12:00 EDT. But someone ought to verity that.

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