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  • Beware that the ADXL345 is interfaced as an SPI device, SPI is bit banged because the hardware SPI is dedicated to the micro-SD care. No idea why they did it this way, but whatever...
    I added I2C support by tapping into the traces off the mcu and running two jumper wires over to the .1" port output. Just make sure PORTC bits 1:2 are set to input mode!

  • i believe the STK500V1 boot loader is set for 8mhz clock. So, it should be 8mhz.

  • I for one am glad it's not programmed in arduino.

  • Looking at the schematic there are no signs of 5volt level conversion. Ths stick uses two 4.7k pullups to 3.3v.
    Level conversion is easy anyway.
    Search for AN97055 pdf or see link below.

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