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  • hahaha I dont know if there is, but hay people invent things every day right? y not invent it!

  • Interesting idea…., ya know if you hooked up a smaller altenator (say for a high end gokart) it would cause less resistance then a full sized car altenator, then u hook up a gear ratio on it [for example, u have a verry small gear 2-3" on the altenator, and then attached by a belt around the bike wheel thingy, for every one rotation on the bike wheel, you get many times that on the smaller gear, in-effect spinning it much faster then one is peddling.]
    I would love to see if you try this lil R&D project, let us know if you end up doing it!
    P.S. it seems like alot of the people commenting on this post solved most of the problems :S

  • But black and white televison is so amazing! :O
    It is what allows me to play pong! hahaha

  • Lets just call them “PIC-O’s” hahaha

  • Can anyone tell me where to get these? or something like them? These would be wicked awsome to use in HUD projects… like nightvision/infared ect

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