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  • Lame. I missed out on it because the message says "unavailable", but how were you supposed to know you had to click on the image to get to the product page?


  • I was on the Nest website and noticed that this device can operate in a house HVAC system that does not have a common ground (C or G wire.)

    If this is the case, then how does the device power itself without using the 24VAC common ground line? I thought you need this to power thermostats without batteries.

    I do see this has a LiPo battery, but I can't image people are going to want to constantly charge the Nest thermostat.

    I went to the Nest website and fill out their questionnaire to check whether or not the Nest is compatible with my 3 wire system (without Y or G common ground) and the website said Nest is totally compatible.

    Any ideas how this puppy gets it's source of power when the house does not have a common ground wire in the HVAC system?

  • OMG, you want good food REALLY close to the Maker Faire!?
    Go to the Jackson Hole (Astoria Blvd location). It is literally 5 minutes from Maker Faire.
    They have THE BEST burgers in the world. They say they are 7oz burgers, but I'd say it's pretty close to 16oz AFTER they are cooked. HUGE and Delicious!
    P.S. they have a ton of other non-beef items for non-beef eaters. Excellent food.

  • The image above of the SM5100B cellular module shield looks way different than the images on the actual product page. Has the design changed and which picture(s) are of the current shield for the SM5100B?

  • I would definitely like to have a 3.3v version of this. Other colors (black/white or black/red) would be nice too. The 3.3v is a higher priority for me though.

  • Any chance there is a breakout board for this chip coming out any time soon? I definitely want this I2C version over the SPI.

  • The code in the function used to get the relative humidity does not appear to take the temperature into account? Could someone please explain if I am wrong?