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  • Thanks! I wasn't necessarily thinking of leaving it permanently installed, but I didn't know when it was safe to plug in ... Good to know it will survive startup...
    I also found more information on the sleep functionality here: http://www.scantool.net/scantool/downloads/79/stn11xx-powersave.pdf (That was linked from obdsol.com, so hat tip to them for finding it)
    Maybe now I will leave it it installed :-)

  • Will this board survive engine cranks during start-up of the engine, or is it best to leave it unplugged until the engine is running smoothly?
    I know with so-called "automotive PCs", special power supplies are used that will protect the rest of the PC (and the power supply itself) from voltage spikes while the engine cranks.
    I'm not sure if "VBAT" on the OBD-II connector is stable enough to leave this board plugged in ...

  • Bought one of these a few days ago, and I like it a lot.
    - Heats up quickly (didn't time it but definitely less than a minute to 300C).
    - Holds temp very well
    - After about 20 minutes at temp, handle was still quite comfortable to use. I could feel some warmth, but definitely not uncomfortable, just barely noticeable
    - Low price! :-)
    - There's a metal piece that fits into the iron holder that was hot glued into place, but it came apart in shipping. No big deal, but I did have to re-attach it
    I paired this up with the brass sponge/holder, and I'm quite happy with the results after assembling a few Arduino shields.
    Disclaimer: I'm a software guy :-), and a hardware hacker by hobby, so hard-core hardware junkies may find some fault with this iron. To me, it is a great upgrade from the $10 fire-starter specials.

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