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  • After downloading Inkscape (an open source vector based graphics program similar to, and in many ways better than Illustrator) and the Eggbot Control plugin, I felt it necessary to recant the statement in my previous comment about the EBB not having a GUI. This EBB is an incredible value and is a must have for anyone who is interested in getting their feet wet with DIY CNC machines or pretty much any project that uses small stepper motors. Absolutely worth every penny.

  • I bought this board, although I was hesitant about making the purchase because I had no previous experience with UBW's and I was worried that it might be too complicated to use or have limited support for the various stepper motors that I accumulate every month at the local TRW swap meet. When I received the device, I connected a stepper motor that I previously operated by using 4 MCU pins connected to a CanaKit H-Bridge DC motor driver. The DC motor driver actually did a pretty good job of moving my stepper, but when I tried the same motor with the EBB I was immediately astonished by how smooth the motor turns with the microstepping that the EBB produces. It felt like I had a completely new motor... and what's even better is that you've got two motor outputs on one board, along with a UBW to control servos! I do wish it came with a simple GUI (a la Pololu's Mini Maestro servo controller) to enable code-phobic people like me a way to graphically manipulate the device, but it is not hard to make a GUI of your own using Liberty BASIC, and I'm also sure that when the EBB's user base grows a little there will be plenty of options as far as software is concerned. Even without the GUI, this board is an awesome way for newbies to programming (like me) to get a fast start and see results right away. Instead of having to deal with finding the right controller module, then finding a driver to power the motors, then trying to figure out how to get the things to turn the way you want them to (or even turn at all for that matter!), with the EBB, you plug it in, and with a simple command "SM" (plus the number of steps and the timespan of the movement) in your terminal program, you get that stepper motor turning smooth as butter in a matter of seconds. All in all I'm very happy with my purchase.

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