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  • Folks,

    Have to say I'm a bit disappointed by ST with their 3A RMS rating on the chip. This is not continuous according to their Applications Engineer! I even bought two of their 4 layer boards thinking this would be the best case thermal layout.

    At this current the normal package could get up to 279 Celsius and the PowerSO package could get up to 160 Celsius. Chip is rated for max of 150 Celsius!

  • Thanks Sparkfun for the Arduino code!

    Tip for new users. There are many parameters to configure in this chip. Go to the ST website and download the dSpin evaluation software for Windows. Click on the BEMF compensation menu, enter your motor parameters, and hit evaluate. This will then spit out a bunch of device configuration values that you should add to the Arduino code. Before I did this, there was a lot of strange motor behavior. The AN3991 app note also describes how to measure the Ke value (V/Hz) using a scope. You need to enter this for the BEMF compensation. I'm still messing with this chip but with the EVAL6470H board from ST that can supposedly handle 3 amps. Here's the ST link to the files:


  • Check the example sketch in the documents section above.

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