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  • Wanted to update the information I provided because its wrong. I realized that if you put any data into the LCD before it enters the while() loop, it will default to 115200 and show that. The only way to avoid that is to wait 1.5sec (for me).

  • (Continued from above, due to character limit)
    3.) I noticed that nobody on here mentioned how long to wait after the LCD powers on to start sending data. I looked at the code for the board and figured out that its roughly 2554ms (according to code) before it enters its while loop and starts getting input. However if you don't send data within (estimate) 10-20ms of power on, it will show the baud rate. I waited 1000ms, and that worked for me. Keep in mind that it will vary for you - it takes time for your controller to start up and so forth before it gets to the point where it'll start "waiting" for the display to be ready as well.
    I'll post if I have anything else to share.

  • Just wanted to leave some tidbits about this.
    1.) I'm using 5V for my entire circuit. I saw that the 6V pin goes to a voltage regulator. Solution? Instead of connecting the VDD on the 4 pin header to 6v, I connected the 5V hole on the other side of the board (left side) directly to 5v supply. Now it works fine without needing 6v. This bypasses the regulator, but if you want to be safe - could permanently disable it.
    2.) A bug: When you draw a box and you draw it near the edge of the LCD, it could go into an internal loop. I'm not quite sure why it does this, but try drawing a box from 0,0 to 20,20 or so. You'll notice that everything on the display will get more faint, like its continuously refreshing the display - even though I'm drawing it once. I got around this by using lines instead, but I noticed that its very sensitive about certain elements near its boundaries - i.e. X=0, Y=0, or X=128 Y=64 or any combination. I'll be happy to try and replicate this bug, but wanted to tell anybody that has the issue - just use lines. Or move your box away from the boundary.

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