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  • Killer Spud - you just saved me a whole lot of work. I just got this board and started playing with it today. Having the second string play twice was driving me up the wall. I thought I was doing something wrong, myself.
    Is there a way to preload strings and play them with events? The EEPROM space seems to be awfully small for this kind of thing. What I'd like to do is create 5 or 10 phrases in Japanese (i.e. Hello, good morning, mama, Martha Martha the aliens have landed) and have them play based on various switches opening and closing on the arduino.
    And, is there a way to get rid of that "ready" phrase? I don't want it playing all the time.

  • I just got this shield. I'm using a Japanino (which is the Duemilanove, released by the Japanese kit maker Gakken for their Otona no Kagaku (Adult Science) line). I tried using Mark's "Example Arduino code". Initially, I got "program too big" errors, so I stripped out the Mandelbrot and raw RGB bitmap code. Now, Mark's sketch loads and runs, but the SparkFun logo is "noisy". There's semi-random pixels turned on in a line just above and below "SparkFun". Also, I tried changing the logo data just to see what would happen and nothing changed on the screen. My first question is - "do I need to change something in the sketch to make the image cleaner on the Duemilanove? Is the code defaulted to Mega settings that I need to override?" Thanks.

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