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  • Can you please confirm if I've got this right.
    for gyro deg/s
    sensitivity = 0.83 // as per datasheet
    zeroLevel = 1.23 // as per datasheet
    degPerSecond = (gyroX * 3.3/1024 - zeroLevel)/sensitivity
    angle = degPerSecond * elapsedTime + previousAngle

  • Awesome, thank you. Can i ask how i would go about converting values received from the gyro to degrees/s or even better to actual angles.
    When the board is laying flat i am getting readings of 377, 374, 380;

  • Hi, I?m a newbie and am a little stuck. I have just purchased a 9 DOF Razor IMU and a 3.3v FDTI breakout which I?m powering via usb.
    I?m planning on building a C# application to measure tilt but can?t understand the values received from the accelerometer.
    If I hold the board flat I get a reading of 0, 0 on the x and y axis?s. If I rotate the board 45 degrees on the x axis I get a value around 150. If the board is held at 90 degrees I get a value of 269. I also receive the similar negative values if the board I rotated the other direction.
    What are these values I?m receiving? Are they Volts, G?s, Newton?s or something else? How do I go about converting these values to accurate angles.
    Any help would really be appreciated

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