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  • How about, A Mutual Induction Levitation project.
    6 Hall Effects tied to the multiplexer, Multiplexer to an ARM/uC of choice, it reads its approximate distance to the magneto fields, and using an Infrared Signal Adjusts the magnetic pull On all Sides accordingly. So Even if u pull the object Out of skew, it will still be held there.
    I know Im mad. Don't worry it will work :-D

  • Pros:1. Interesting Concept,4 way button on the middle button.
    2. Back lit buttons.
    3. Pre-Drilled for mounting. (see Cons)
    4. Snappable for 3 separate button groups (see Cons)
    Cons:1. Only fits micro led's & maybe sm-leds.
    2. Header holes proximity to button pads. (Capillary action when soldering.)
    3. Mounting holes proximity to header holes, Possible Ground fault depending on housing.
    4. 4 mounting holes for the 2 outer buttons but none for middle 4 Way button.
    5. The Snappable design creates a weak spot, even when the Board is mounted the middle piece will break after a few firm presses which is normally needed for buttons of this type.

  • Im sorry to say, but this was useless to me.
    Wouldn't fit any enclosures I had available without needing to cut it in half. Part of why I hate the hack shack. Should have bought the enclosure here.

  • Just for those interested. These do not fit standard through hole boards, you have to have a custom built board for these.
    Either their break out board or your own custom Pcb.
    The pin layouts are shifted 50% off center for the second row. So while one set of pins fit, the second set do not.

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