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  • This thing is freaking AWESOME! I had some problems in the beginning, when I first started using this programmer. I used my Arduino Uno SMD as an ISP programmer for a while to program ATMEGA's and ATTINY's while trying to get this thing to work properly. I had used it many times with Arduino 0022, but it was time consuming trying to find the .cpp and .hex files after compiling. But with the release of Arduino 1.0, it's a breeze to program AVR chips. You don't even need to use the command window. Just select 'USBtiny' from the list of programmers under 'Tools'. I've personally programmed the following with this programmer: ATTINY85, ATTINY84, and ATMEGA328P (both factory fresh and preprogrammed w/ bootloader). It works every time.

  • This thing works GREAT! It worked first time right out of the box. The only thing I had to do was install the driver on my laptop (learn on this page: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Windows#toc4). I bought this board after repeated failure to get the 'ATmega328 w/ bootloader' (sku: DEV-09217) to work. I was using the 'Pocket AVR Programmer' (sku: PGM-09825) through USB on my laptop, but the laptop would never properly identify the programmer. I could upload the bootloader, but never upload any program. I've had no problems with the UNO board so far.
    I think I'm going to try and use the Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer next; see if I can properly upload a program to that AVR chip :)

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